We create an environment in which children
can access and understand Shakespeare.


We provide the scripts, staging and costume.
You provide the players. 


We turn imaginative ideas into works of art.
Craft as a medium for debate. 

Shakespeare Sisters: a partnership of passions, ambitions and minds

It is our aim to help develop children’s understanding of Shakespeare’s work through the means it was intended- performance and exploration through movement. To achieve this, we have drawn on his work and combined it with our skills to create a range of workshops for teachers and pupils alike. Passionate about the enduring power of good stories and their ability to shape and define us, Shakespeare has provided us with some of the most widely used and inspirational works of all time.

Latest news

Poet Tony Walsh @LongfellaPoet has an important message for everyone starting in a new school next term in his poem, 'New Beginnings' 👇

Every idea, every movement, every spoken word, every workshop, every day 💛🧡❤️💚💙💜
#play #art

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