Nicole Pattinson is a professional actor with credits in theatre, film and television. She made her TV screen debut at the age of 9 and has continued that work for the last twenty years.

Nicole has worked with two-time Academy Award-nominated and two-time BAFTA winning English filmmaker, Peter Cattaneo, Dr Who director Alice Troughton and has workshopped with Lloyd Newson OBE & DV8, to name but a few.

Behind the camera, Nicole developed her fervent love of film by scripting and directing screenplays. Her literary journey took a more educational path via Arts Council initiative Creative Partnerships. What started out as a research project in Drama as a Resource for Improved Writing Standards, quickly turned into record breaking scores and a permanent Creative Partner contract in one Lancashire school.

Nicole began teaching Drama at Southgate Community Centre (North London) as part of her Theatre Arts degree, and it was here that her passion for working with young people and communities was truly sparked.

In the last 10 years, she has worked in countless schools, across all performance disciplines, as a creative partner and workshop leader. During this time, she has also planned and delivered projects to the Youth Offending Team, secure mental health settings, refugee and asylum seeker communities, hospitals, community centres and sheltered housing for the elderly.


Stephanie has a wealth of experience in the art of literature as a form of human expression. Her love for creativity, language and teaching enabled her to gain not one but two MAs. The first being an MA in Education (Edgehill University) to compliment her role as a teacher and creative consultant. More recently, she began studying MA Medieval and Early Modern Studies (Manchester University) with a focus on the nature of performance within the English theatre during the 17th Century.

Having spent time working in a variety of industries such as marketing, PR, event co-ordination and freelance writing, she then went on to complete her PGCE (Secondary) in English at Edgehill University to fulfil her ambition of becoming a teacher. Since qualifying, she has taught a diverse range of pupils, all of different backgrounds, needs and abilities in outstanding schools and sixth form colleges across Lancashire, Manchester and Cheshire.

Teaching English alongside Media, Creative Writing and PSHE, Stephanie has developed her practice to actively incorporate an extensive variety of approaches to Teaching and Learning in to everyday lessons. She has a fervent ambition to continually challenge, explore and develop as Educators as she truly believes in the power and joy of learning.

Stephanie’s most recent work has been as an Intervention specialist, focusing on the employment of strategies aimed at improving pupils’ progress at KS3 and KS4. Alongside this, Stephanie has also worked as a contributing writer for companies in the Education Technology sector, creating original content for schools across the country.

She continues to work for AQA as an English GCSE Exam Marker and has done so under both the new and old GCSE structure and National Curriculum. Consequently, she is able to ensure that all sessions help prepare pupils for the crucial examinations which they will undertake as they progress.

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