We have taken some of Shakespeare’s best-loved plays and made them KS2 pupil friendly. Carefully crafted, we have combined the original text with contemporary language to make these scripts accessible for children without patronising their ability or trivialising Shakespeare’s works.

These plays can be performed in under an hour and allow for 60 speaking parts – perfect for your own school production!

Romeo & Juliet

Unlike other abridged versions of Romeo and Juliet, we’ve translated the text but kept the key features. Iambic pentameter, sonnets and oxymorons – they’re all there to discover. Partnered with our Showbiz Shakespeare workshop, this play has all the high drama of a T.V soap opera!


A proven hit with boys and girls alike, this play packed with predictions, power and pressure offers many themes for classroom discussions post-performance. We’ve even thrown a contextual introduction in to the potion. All you have to decide now is which of your students will storm the throne!

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Promoting resilience in your school? This Shakespearean tale is the perfect platform for exploring the ability to cope and thrive in the face of adversity. Throw open the door to your audience and you’ll be sure to open the minds of your pupils.

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